International School of Dakar


Our Vision

Objective: To inspire students to become lifelong learners and responsible global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

Sunu Thiossane Year-round program collaborates with partnered schools residing in Dakar. During the school year, Sunu Thiossane is an after school program that provides activities in (mainly in English) Academic Enrichment including math, science, English, and history. In addition to providing activities such as dance, visual art, spoken word, social politics, current events, traditional and urban culture taught by teaching artists committed to sharing their artistic skills with the youth.

Our Year-round program has been developed to create a safe, structured and interactive environment during after school and on weekends. Sunu Thiossane offers opportunities for children’s physical and emotional development through social, recreation and academic programming. At Sunu Thiossane we strive to provide a quality year round program that consists of Arts in Education (after school), Saturday programming and our annual English Immersion summer camp. To best serve students, each staff leads a small group of children through a variety of activities such as homework assistance, literacy-based projects, organized games, performing arts, and visual arts. Our team continually works hard to improve the year-round experience for all participants.