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Arts in Action Talent

Students and teachers from each school will be asked to research the topic above and then create an act (dancing, singing, instrumental, martial arts, acrobatics, etc) that reflects the theme. This is a time for students to take what they have been learning in class and on the news and put their incredible creative skills to work.

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Culture Exchanged

Cultural exchange programs not only propel students to understand the diversity of their host country, but also make them learn how to co-exist with students of that particular country and feel compassion for different communities.

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Summer Camp

Summer camp, held in Dakar, Senegal is a 4 week Arts and English immersion program. Students, aged 5-18, participate in multi-disciplinary arts programming taught by international teaching artists.

Art in Education

This Caldecott Medal-winning African tale evokes the Cinderella story, as well as the traditional theme of good triumphing over evil...

Music Classes

Saturday Program

Our Saturday Program is designed for students aged 4-18 and are from surrounding communities. Students from our partnered schools are also participants. Taught by dynamic, experienced teachers, areas of study include: Math, Creative Writing, Literature, Sciences, Photography, Computer Technology, Art, Drama, Music and Dance.

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